Saturday, March 2, 2013

Beneful Dog Park Makeover

I LOVE taking Murphy to the dog park. I could watch dogs interact with each other for hours.  There is something so fascinating about the way dogs read each other and establish rank within seconds of meeting.  After the dog park I always have a feeling of relaxation, positive energy and optimism.  I think Murphy feels the same way.

Beneful obviously sees the numerous benefits of having a great dog park and that's why they are giving away a $500,000 Dog Park makeover.

Check out the official rules and entry form here: BENEFUL DOG PARK MAKEOVER

Here's a quick collage of the 2011 Beneful Dog Park Makeover. Check out the rest of the pictures HERE

If you want to better your dog park or even create a dog park check out Beneful and place your entry. Good Luck!

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Source: Beneful website

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