Thursday, March 7, 2013

Yappy Hour Drinks

Last week we discussed the concept of Yappy Hours and how to get the party started on the right paw with a chic invitation.  See that blog post HERE.

This week we're continuing the idea of Yappy Hour and moving onto a VERY IMPORTANT ingredient.... the drinks! 

Every good Yappy Hour needs something to sip (and by sip I mean slam) while mingling with the peeps and pups.  Why not take this opportunity to have some unique themed drinks (alcoholic or non alcoholic). Many of the options listed below even give back to a good animal cause.  I for one am all about drinking but drinking AND benefiting that is what I call the ultimate win/win scenario.

 Dog Lovers Wine Club (above) offers a variety of dog themed wines. They also give you the option of creating your own custom label.  A percentage of each sale helps support their affiliate animal shelters.
Dog House Wines are great wines at a reasonable price. A percentage of the cost of each bottle is donated to Guide Dogs for the Blind, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for the visually impaired through the human-animal bond.

The Salty Chihuahua

Even if you serve alcohol, there should always be a non alcoholic option for those who choose to stay alcohol free.  Staying with the dog theme, consider Margo's Bark Root Beer . Not only is it delicious but 100% of it's profits go to rescuing dogs.

 Bottled water. Obviously you can get botteled water at any grocery store, but why not dress it up with some fun labels that match the overall look of your Yappy Hour? I've included a collage of a few dog themed water bottle labels from Etsy. The great thing about Etsy is 99.9% of the sellers are willing to create exactly what you want if you message them.  One message and you will be able to with directly with the designer to create something specific for your party (depending on the shop, you may have to pay a little extra for altering the design).
1. Memorable Moments St 
2. print your party 
3. Beyond diaper cakes  
4. stickerville  

Keep in mind Etsy has many fantastic sellers who will create a concept for your water bottle, invites and whatever else you need.  


Bark Vineyards Canine wine is a combination of gravy and meat juice packaged in a green wine bottle.

The absolute necessity for any Yappy Hour... Water! Make sure you provide many water bowls for the dogs to drink at their leisure.

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